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How The Home Help Company upgraded its systems, ready for growth

The Home Help Company


A small home support business’ hopes of expansion were hampered by paper-based rotas and lengthy payroll systems.


Creating a digital solution to manage and deploy operations across multiple locations, providing clarity and guidance to staff and minimising the time required for auditing and payroll. Letting them spend more time on what’s important.

Key stats


hours reduced in payroll and billing each month for the CEO


new team members hired and trained


additional clients/jobs


positive staff feedback to new software

The starting point: Inefficient admin

The Home Help Company partnered with us as they had issues with their communication, auditing, data management, and were spending a huge portion of time each week on the business’ admin tasks including scheduling, missing appointments, client management, and payroll.

The strategy: Simplifying and streamlining

We initially advised a recommendation to move away from the multiple WhatsApp groups members were using in favour of Slack, a free instant messaging service. Within the chat client, users are able to create channels to create the business’ arms and the customers the team supports.
Following the initial move to Slack we started looking at moving the scheduling for the business into a digital system. This move allows for the in-house admin to manage work calendars easily and efficiently. Meanwhile, staff are able to see their rotas and complete any auditing information with ease. This shift has resulted in a 100% positive feedback from staff as there is complete transparency of upcoming rotas and schedules.

PAYE made simple

The final piece to the puzzle was automating the business’ billing and payments process in order to create a seamless system that could enable growth without additional headaches. Creating a centralised Forest Admin database with a CMS system, all invoices and PAYE are able to be created at the push of a button rather than the 30+ hours it was taking each month.

The outcome: Gunning for growth

Implementing the improved administrational services and accompanying team app has allowed The Home Help Company to become increasingly efficient, reducing the time spent on administration and invoicing to allow for greater focus on the care they provide.
Thanks to the technology we have implemented, the founders’ accounts process is now taking a matter of hours rather than days. With the removal of bottlenecks, time can now be focused towards scaling up the business and constantly improving their offering.

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