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November 09, 2022

Off-the-shelf vs investing in your business

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Imogen Eales



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Have you bought an off-the-shelf app and found it doesn't do what you thought it would? You're not alone.

On the face of it, off-the-shelf apps seem to be a great option to save time and money. The app frameworks are pre-set and content can be populated from day 1, which leaves business owners thinking that they can save time and money on developer costs. Whilst this can be a great solution if you only need some basic functions, or to run it as a web-app (not available in the app store), more often than not, it can cause more issues than it solves. A client recently purchased an off-the-shelf solution to get their product to market at pace, only to quickly find that it doesn't fit their business requirements and was difficult to use.
Contic have explored what they want to achieve as a business, and how the app helps to solve this, and why building it as bespoke android and iOS app is the best method to achieve those goals. Here are some of the reasons why they've come full circle:
  • Contic can create their app fully branded and customised as they envisaged
  • Users can download it from the App Store or Google Play, this will automatically increase user retention compared to using the app in-browser
  • Able to view full user analytics custom to their business needs
  • Have the ability to communicate requirements with developers and have full visibility on the development process
  • Unlock revenue by simplifying the payment flow... a load more requirements that allows them to fulfil their needs as a business and create a better user experience for their customers!
By choosing to invest in their business, our clients are now building their dream app, how they initially envisioned it, with no compromises! Allowing them to unlock further revenue and expand on their customer base, rather than turning revenue away with a solution that doesn't fit the user or the business.
Say goodbye to quick fixes, and hello to exponential possibilities!


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