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February 22, 2023

Spotify's AI-Powered DJ Function is the Beginning of a New Era of Personalised Content

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Mark Byford


AI/ Machine Learning


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Spotify recently announced it is tapping into the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to improve its users’ listening experience. The company has launched a new AI-powered DJ function that has been making waves in the music industry. This new feature builds upon Spotify’s existing algorithms that curate playlists to the user's preferences, adding generative AI through OpenAI to make the music experience even more personalised and enjoyable.
The new technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyse a user's listening history and preferences to curate a playlist that matches their tastes. The playlists are updated regularly, based on the user's listening habits, making sure that the songs remain fresh and exciting. This means that users can discover new music that they may have never heard before, while still enjoying their favourite tracks.
Alongside these new developments in personalised curation, Spotify has given its app a voice through its own Head of Cultural Partnerships, Xavier ‘X’ Jernigan, X’s voice guides fans through their playlists and provides a friendly and engaging host to your personal radio station.
With Spotify leading the way in this direct-to-consumer implementation of AI we could see new developments across other streaming services. A logical step that the likes of Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, or NOW may implement is an evolution of their existing recommended content. Instead of viewers endlessly searching through pages of content only to return to a tried and tested favourite, users would be provided with a personal channel that caters directly to their needs. If you’re binging a number of shows it could include palate cleansers of other shows you’d enjoy to keep you engaged and hungry for more, or curate shows that are updated weekly for you to ensure you’re up to date and not missing out.
Curation of content isn’t the only application we could see, whilst multiple angle sports viewing is hardly new, with the applied power of AI and machine learning it could see viewers given exactly the content they like to watch. As an example, if you’re a keen Formula 1 fan of an underdog team, your viewing experience would focus on their plight on track with glimpses of the front runners, rather than the traditional opposite.
News updates and podcast content could also see a similar ‘DJ’ element, rather than hearing a celebrity plug their latest book in a breakfast news show you’d be served exactly what you’re interested in with news updated fed from your favourite news apps, websites, and podcasts, all read by a chosen AI voice of your choosing.
It’s not only content that could see greater personalisation, the implementation of AI and machine learning could revolutionise adverts, don’t have a pet? Then you’ll no longer be served pet insurance adverts, and instead would receive more appropriate content that reflects your interests. We may even seen the implementation of these highly personalised adverts in Spotify’s free membership using the DJ feature, with the host reading adverts much like a traditional radio DJ might.
With the advent of more sophisticated AI technology and its widespread use, users are going to see far more personalised and improved experiences in the apps that they’ve already been training for years. Whether it’s providing a smoother and more seamless experience or simply cutting down on search times by creating perfected user channels and content streams, it’s a huge opportunity for providers and advertisers to evolve and drive engagement. Meanwhile, users will benefit from truly personalised results and have their horizons expanded with new content offerings.


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