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January 17, 2023

How agile are you? 6 questions to find out!

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Imogen Eales



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How agile are you?

Agile has been a buzzword in software development for many years now. So much so that we also see it amongst our social media and strewn across recruitment sites. All software development projects are now declared "agile", with most not even understanding the meaning behind the word.
Here are some examples of teams falling into "agile-scrum-fall":
🚩 A company that wholeheartedly describes themselves as "agile" and "fast-paced", yet they failed to release their software application after 18 months;
🚩 A team that has previously ignored their users from the development process completely;
🚩 A team that speaks to their users once at the beginning of a project and then hope for the best when they revisit them on release day.
Yikes! These are all red flags showing that you're not actually working agile. Agile is a practise that must be observed in all areas of a company, it is a collective effort - that means engineers, product and management.
Want to gauge if you're working agile or not? Follow the link below!

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